Scope Of Service
  • APP Custom Development
    The world-class iOS / Android APP development team provides a one-stop iOS / Android APP custom development solution, from the development of functional requirements to testing and launch, efficient delivery!
  • Website customization development
    Portal website, OA network office system, customer management CRM system, ERP management system, official website construction, e-commerce platform, etc.
  • Fitness Intelligent
    Development of gym team fitness system, school / hospital / army / government smart fitness platform.
  • Smart Home
    Custom home app development and smart remote control, you can control the house anytime, anywhere, as you want.
  • WeChat Public Accoun
    Personal / enterprise / government public account custom development.
  • WeChat Applet
    The small program is based on the WeChat development environment and the traffic crowd, and the development cost and promotion cost are far lower than the APP. At the same time, there is no need to consider issues such as compatibility, stability, and security.
Service Process
Understand the needs
Understand the needs through in-depth
communication with customers
Demand analysis
Feasibility analysis of customer requirements
Define the plan through communication
UE/ UI/ UDC Design
Prototype delivery, design confirmation
Clear information architecture, etc.
Development as planned
Test and release
Development completed, internal testing
After passing the test, delivery and release
Project maintenance
Ongoing maintenance for released projects,
Ensure the project is running properly